Welcome to ESSA 2013!

The European Social Simulation Association and Warsaw School of Economics, Division of Decision Analysis and Support invite researchers and scholars interested in applications and theoretical foundations of simulation modeling in social sciences to participate in the 9th European Social Simulation Association Conference.

The conference aims to provide an interdisciplinary forum for social scientists, theorists, applied researchers and simulation modelers to cooperate and exchange ideas concerning state of the art in methods and applications of computational social sciences.

The topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
Applications of agent-based modelling in social sciences
Agent-based computational economics & finance
Conflict resolution & cooperation
Coupled human-natural systems
Diffusion of innovations
Dynamics of trust, social norm, structures, reputation & opinion
Epidemiology & pharmacoeconomics
Group decisions & collective behaviors
Market design, mechanism design & auctions
Privacy, safety & security
Public policy & regulatory issues
Resource management, environmental practices & policy
Social emergence & evolution of institutions
Social media and volunteered information
Social networks and their dynamics
Tools and methods for development of simulation models
Advanced distributed computing
Agent ontologies
Agent-embodied Artificial Intelligence
Model replication, verification & validation
Participatory & Human-in-the-Loop simulations
Simulation software & programming computational frameworks
Techniques for visualizing, interpreting and analyzing simulation outputs
Coupling simulations and optmization methods
Data analysis software for simulations
Experiment design and data farming for simulations
Simulation metamodels
Statistical & data mining techniques for simulated data